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Keep Cup

Reusable Keep Cup (Small/227mls) "Peach"

Reusable Keep Cup Small/8oz/227mls

It's never too late to join in the fight against single use cups!

These gorgeous brightly coloured cups are not only helping you to save the planet every time you use this over a single use cup, they are also Australian owned and made! Keep them in a mini wetbag in the nappy bag or car so that you can pop it back in once it's dirty to contain any mess! See our range of mini wetbags HERE




Press fit lid, lovely to drink from lid on or off.

Lightweight and durable, reusable plastic.

Drafted vessel for easy pour.

Designed for drinking pleasure on the go.


Cleaning and Care:

- Designed to be taken apart for thorough cleaning.
- Dishwasher safe, top shelf.
- Heat to 100°C / 212°F. Lid off only.

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