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Cloth Nappy Lingo

AIO (All in one)-A complete nappy that includes both the cover and the insert, stitched together and closes with snaps or velcro.


AI2 (All in two)-A complete nappy that has a separable cover and inserts. The benefit to this is that the insert can be changed and cover re-used if not soiled. These close with snaps or Velcro.


Covers-The outer part of the nappy usually made from polyurethane laminate. Goes over the top of a fitted nappy or can use with lay in inserts.


Dry Pail- A place to store your dirty nappies before washing, for example a designated bucket or washing basket with lots of holes that allows lots of air flow. Most families have 2, one for dirty unwashed nappies, and a second for nappies that have been prewashed and are still needing their second “main wash”.


Fitted-A fitted nappy that goes on like a disposable with either snaps or Velcro and is completely absorbent. This will need a cover to make it waterproof.


Flats- This is the equivalent to a terry towel nappy. Once piece of material usually cotton or a cotton/bamboo blend that you can fold to make into a nappy. It will need a cover to be waterproof and closes with a “snappi”.


Inserts-These are the absorbent part of the nappy. They can be a combination of cotton, bamboo and/or hemp blends. They usually snap or lay into the cover to make it waterproof.


Minky-A soft/fluffy fabric feel on the outside that has been laminated with PUL on the Inside


OSFM- “One size fits most”. These styles of nappies usually fit from infant size up to toddlers with weight ranges that vary from supplier to supplier. They have snaps or Velcro to adjust size to get a good fit at most ages and sizes.


PUL-A type of cover for a nappy. Polyurethane laminate is mostly waterproof but is also breathable. If it gets to saturation it will leak through.


Prefold-A nappy similar to the terry towel nappies. These need to be folded to be made into a nappy and can be fastened with a snappi. These are not waterproof so will need a cover. They usually have an extra layer of absorbency sewn into the middle panel. Can just be folded into thirds and placed in a cover without using snappis.


Snappis- A plastic tool used to fasten cloth nappies. It is in the shape of a “T” and has grips on the underneath side of each end.

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