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Pebbles Newborn All-in-One Nappy (2kg-5.5kg) "Pascal" PUL

Bubblebubs Pebbles All-in-One Newborn Nappy

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This all in one reusable nappy is the closest you get to a single use nappy. The only difference being that you wash it! There is no folding or pinning required with this cloth nappy. Stretch the nappy so the elastics roll in and pop under your baby and secure the velcro. Fast drying, trim fitting and adjustable.

Pebbles all in one is the perfect nappy for your newborn baby. Each nappy features a polyester PUL outer shell and super soft minky inner. The shell of the nappy contains a layer of bamboo giving extra absorbency. The cleverly designed leg elastics roll in to prevent poo explosions. The booster contains 2 layers of thick, absorbent bamboo. Fold the booster to have the soft, stay dry minky against babies skin or bamboo, the choice is yours. Pebbles newborn cloth nappies fit from 2–5.5kg giving you a beautiful fit during those early months with your baby.





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These can be mixed with Alcmena newborn AI2, Junior Tribe Co. newborn AI2, Bubblebubs BamBams, Pebbles and the new AI2 Bo-Peeps!

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