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Nana Huchy

Mini Bluebell Doll ON SALE

Mini Bluebell Doll by Nana Huchy

Miss Bluebell works as a life coach. Her niche is identifying her client’s greatest fear and getting them to face it. She’s also a very good listener, and is naturally more comfortable helping others than receiving help herself, especially when it comes to her sister Miss Maple. One day Miss Maple came up with a plan to give Miss Bluebell a taste of her own helpful medicine. Miss Maple identified Miss Bluebell’s biggest fear as receiving nurturing from others, so she organised a photo shoot for her new website- complete with hair and fashion stylist. Miss Bluebell only accepted under the condition that the stylist re-do her sister’s look as well.


This beautiful doll comes in a larger size Miss Bluebell as well, your babe will love the set! 


Details and dimensions:

  • Measures 25cm
  • Suitable for 0+
  • Spot clean only.

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