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Henry and Martha

Interlabial Cotton Lycra Cloth Pads


Henry and Martha Interlabial Cloth Pad

Interlabial pads, as their name suggests, are small pads made from natural bamboo fleece and cotton lycra that are folded and placed between the labia to slow down a gushing flow and help direct it evenly to a cloth pad.

Due to their size, these small leaf shaped pads need to be washed in a washbag (purchase some HERE) - and also don’t forget you are wearing them and accidentally flush them down the toilet!


What you get:

  • One interlabial cloth pad (11cm) made from natural bamboo fleece and cotton lycra.


 *Image is an example of cloth pad shape and print. Print placement may vary from images shown


Care Instructions- Wash with other cloth pads in a delicates bag

Cloth Pad Care Instructions:

  • Wash before first use
  • After use, rinse until water runs clear - treat any potential stains with sard soap (not spray). Any persistent stains can be soaked in a product such as Vanish for around 4 hours, up to 6 hours maximum. Can be stored in wetbag or small basket until wash day (zip partially open) to allow air circulation.
  • Put in with a normal wash (40 degrees)
  • Line dry only (do not tumble dry, this could damage the waterproof PUL layer)




A little about Henry and Martha:

Henry & Martha has been a registered sewing business since 2008, but really came into itself when Gayle had her second child in 2018. Wanting to spend more time at home with the children, a renewed focus was put on Henry & Martha and the range of handmade products for the whole family continues to grow and evolve as time goes on.

- Gayle, Henry and Martha


"I have been a customer of Gayle's for some time now and the quality of her sewing is just amazing. She had fantastically high standards, and this shows when you have one of her products in hand. A beautifully handmade item, made here in Perth, W.A. that will be loved for a long time to come!"

-Sarah, Earth Babes  

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