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Fitted Cloth Nappy Sampler - OSFM

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Earth Babes Fitted Nappy Sampler - One Size Fits Most

This sampler is perfect for you if you would like to try a different style of nappy that the usual all-in-one or all-in-two.  


What is a fitted nappy?

A fitted nappy is a complete nappy with closing snaps, but the whole nappy is absorbent. They require a nappy cover to go over the top to make it water proof.


Some benefits to a fitted nappy and cover system included in this Sampler:

  • The fitted nappy itself is more absorbent than AIO and AI2 styles. They come with absorbent bamboo and cottons blend inserts and a stay-dry layer
  • They are great for heavy wetters (babes who had a big wee output) as once the fitted nappy is on and closed, you can add a booster (another smaller insert) to the outside of the fitted nappy before you put the cover over the top
  • Can be used as a day nappy system and able to reuse the cover many times over the day. 2 covers may last you all day; If you change the nappy before the cover is soaked and alternate between 2 covers over the day. For example: alternating each change and leaving the other to air out between uses.
  • A Fantastic night nappy for light, moderate or heavy wetters. Use it as it is, for a light wetter over night, boost for a moderate wetter, or boost, boost, boost for a heavy wetter overnight!


What's included in this Sampler?

  • Baby Bare OSFM Honey Pot Fitted Nappy (4kg-17kg)
  • Bubblebubs Bamboo Delight OSFM Fitted Nappy (3kg-15kg)
  • Baby Bare OSFM Honey Wrap Nappy Cover (4kg-18kg)
  • Seedling Baby OSFM Comodo Wrap Nappy Cover (4kg-16kg)


Prints shown is an example only, nappies you receive may differ from the nappies in the image

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