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Toddler Pull Up Nappy Cover (7.5kg-24kg) "Dandelion" ON SALE

Toddler Pull Up Cloth Nappy Cover by RAWr

Unique design, stretchy PUL, elastic placement and internal 360° leak guard gusset allow quick pull-up baby and toddler changes, as well as catering for children who are ready to take control of their own toileting day or night. To fit from 6 months to 6 years (approx 7.5kg - 24kg). Use it as a day nappy or a night nappy.

  • Designed to be worn more loosely than regular modern cloth nappies, as the 360° gusset, strong elastics and stretchy PUL guards against leaks where others may not. By snapping to a slightly looser setting than usual to use as a pull up, the clever design gives a forgiving fit and keeps up with busy movers.
  • Side snaps allow the fit to be easily adjusted once it is pulled on – if needed,
  • To take them off, simply pull down or unsnap the side snaps if soiled – easy!

Use with:

  • RAWr classic hemp prefold with a hemp trifold stuffed in the pocket or tucked under the internal 360 gusset for 10-14 hrs wear,
  • RAWr classic hemp prefold stuffed in the pocket or tucked under the gusset for 3-4 hours wear,
  • any other flats or prefolds folded up, or other inserts or absorbent material stuffed in the pocket.

*This is a cover only and you will need to purchase inserts to go with it, or use something you have at home already!





    • side snap design, stretchy PUL and elastics 
    • stay-dry lining (athletic wicking jersey) keeps wearer dry and rash free
    • wide pocket opening to nappy for easy stuffing and room for additional night time boosting
    • rise snaps on front panel to change size and fit
    • internal 360 degree gusset to allow for a less firm fitting nappy that enables it to be pulled up and down, while not allowing for leaks!

Add on a size 2 or 3 RAWr prefold or a trifold from another brand to your shopping cart for daytime or nighttime use... OR use with what inserts you already have!


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