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100% Pure Lanolin


Woolerina's 100% Pure Lanolin.

This completely natural product is perfect for lanolising your wool nappy covers, it's also the ultimate skin conditioner and healing ointment*. It can also be used to rejuvenate your leather products. Remember to use sparingly!

Lanolin is the refined derivative of the waxy secretion produced by the sebaceous glands in the skin of the sheep, known as 'wool wax'. This 'wool wax' or lanolin is then extracted at the time of washing the raw wool.


  • Lanolising wool nappy covers
  • As an intensive moisturiser on hands and feet.
  • Feel free to apply all over the body, a little bit goes a long way! However this product is untreated and so is not recommended to be used for breastfeeding mothers, as it is not for human consumption.


100% pure lanolin, net weight 22g approx.





A little bit about Woolerina:

Woolerina remains a family owned and operated business based at Forbes in regional NSW. We love being based here - being part of a community where we can participate in and support local events and contribute to the local economy through employment is really important to us. We wear both our Australian Made license and Ethical Clothing Australia accreditation with pride as they both represent our commitment to local manufacturing and to our workers.

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