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Nighty Nite Tri Fold Insert

Junior Tribe Co. Tri Fold Insert

 This is the tri fold insert that comes with the AIO Nighty Nite Nappy

    • The fabrics used for the insert are the most important features of the modern cloth nappy. Our tri fold inserts are made up of two layers of hemp fleece and one layer of heavy bamboo fleece.
    • The layers are configured so the bamboo fleece which is soft, sits against baby's skin, whereas the hemp layers are on the bottom soaking up all the liquid.
    • The tri fold insert pairs with the Nighty Nite AIO nappy for extra absorbency for overnight.
    • The tri fold is a versatile insert allowing it to be folded into thirds to give 9 layers of absorbency or a bi fold giving 6 layers of absorbency for when extra boosting is needing whilst still keeping the nappy trim fitting.

**Shrinkage after washing is normal for natural fibre inserts** ** Full absorbency is gained after 8 washes**

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