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**Pre-Sale** Nighty Nite AIO Night Nappy (4kg - 16kg) "Wandering Fox"

Available to Preorder now!

**15th November Update** There has been an unexpected delay at JTC HQ. This item is expected to arrive at Earth Babes HQ late November/early December and will be sent as soon as possible! Please join our Facebook group "Earth Babes Community" for all of the updates!

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Junior Tribe Co. Nighty Nite All in One Night Nappy- No cover needed!


Junior Tribe Co. Nighty Nite AIO is our version of an overnight nappy, they are very soft and absorbent and easy to reuse. One of our favourite features is that they are super easy to adjust so you can fit them perfectly to your babies size. They come with a bamboo & hemp tri-fold and booster which can easily be removed, washed and clipped on again. Fits from 4kg - 16kg


Some of the best features include: 

  • Microfleece stay dry layer
  • Sewn in bamboo terry absorbent core (2 layers)
  • 2 layered hemp and 1 layer bamboo trifold insert
  • 2 layered hemp and 1 layer of bamboo booster
  • Up to 14 layers of absorbency
  • Double pocket opening for easy stuffing

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