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Junior Tribe Co

Mini Wetbag "Mama Chillax" ON SALE

Junior Tribe Co. (Previously, and still labeled as Bottoms Up Junior) Mini wetbag features:

    • Double handles- snap on/ snap off. Can hang anywhere (Straps are fully removable)

    • Two zipper pockets- One small pocket at front for small items- keys, wallet, phone etc. Larger pocket at back for nappies, wipes, clothes etc

    • Wider opening at the bottom to fit bigger items, same shape at our regular wetbag.

    • Wetbags can be snapped together to create multiple bags- easy for storage or hanging on prams, towel racks, strollers, change table and many more options

    • Easily roll wet bag up and snap the removable handles around bag to secure and place in small areas for storage

    • Small but functional size being 25cm x 30cm

    • Soft pliable liquid resistant fabric in our gorgeous artistic prints to match our cloth nappies

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