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Makeup Pads


Reusable Makeup Remover and Face Cleanser Pads by Aunty Moo Creations

These are lovingly handmade in Western Australia by Kath (Aunty Moo).

Each set of 12 makeup pads are made with a layer of cotton fabric in one of our exclusive designs on the front, then a layer of bamboo in between, 6 are backed with microfibre and 6 with bamboo fleece.

The microfibre backed pads are excellent for cleaning your makeup off, while the bamboo fleece is super soft and excellent for applying cleansers, toners and moisturisers. When you are done, just throw them in the wash and they're ready to be used over and over again. The edges are satin stitched and all three layers quilted together with a heart stipple means that they will last many washes.

Wash information:

It is recommended that you use a wash bag in a cold machine wash, for longevity of your makeup removal or face cleanser pads. Please line dry as tumble drying may shrink your pads.

"Save money by not buying pre-soaked makeup remover wipes and stop the footprint on the environment with your own bundle of 12 gorgeous reusable, washable and eco friendly makeup remover or face cleanser pads."

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