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Grace Knots

Make Up Rounds (Set of 3) ON SALE


Set of 3 hand crocheted makeup rounds by Elizabeth from Grace Knots

These makeup remover wipes can be used with any makeup remover product, oil or just water. I personally use them with water, coconut oil or jojoba oil. After use, rinse under warm water (with some mild some if needed) and leave to dry. There is a little loop on the end of each round which can be used to place on a wall hook to dry. This can be done for 2 -7 days, after which can be hand or machine washed. Your product will last longer if you lay them flat on a towel to dry. If using a washing machine or dryer, place in a protective bag to ensure longevity. With care, your product can last a year or more.

The yarn used for this item is 100% organic cotton. It is naturally dyed. Perfect for use on normal to sensitive skin. Free from pesticides, chemicals and harsh dyes.

Colour: "blush"

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