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Night Nappy Trial Pack

Alcmena V3.5

 Earth Babes Night Nappy Trial Pack

Night Nappies are often an area of worry for parents who do cloth nappies. We have some awesome brands that have dedicated night nappies and so in this trial pack, you get one of each to use and see what works best for you and your little babe.

In this pack you get 3 very different, complete night nappies:

    • 1 x Alcmena V3.5

    • 1 x Bottoms Up Junior All-in-One Nighty Nite

    • 1 x Baby Bare Honey Pot (Fitted nappy)

    • 1 x Baby Bare Honey Wrap (OSFM Cover)


*Please enter at the checkout your print preference for boy/girl/gender neutral. Print preference are preferences only and nappies are given to try out a brand before you go online at the next release to get the prints you love!!


Things to remember:

    • babies often don't wet at night as much as they would in the same number of hours during the day

    • to get an idea of how much absorbency you need, weigh a dry nappy (disposable or cloth) and write down the dry weight. In the morning re-weigh your childs nappy and take away the dry weight. This is an estimate of mls of absorbency your babe needs.

    • new nappies need 6-8 washes to reach full absorbency (throw the inserts in with other items you are washing to build up their absorbency!)

    • Just give it a go! Do it on the weekend when you have an extra pair of hands, the worst that can happen is wet sheets... you may just be surprised and have a happy baby and dry sheets in the morning!

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