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Hemp Prefold Size One. 2-12 months (4.5kg-9kg)

RAWr's Stretchy Hemp Terry Prefold Size 1

Fits approximately 2 – 12 months (4.5 to 9kg)

Hemp Terry Prefolds are an all-round smart choice in cloth, they offer the simplicity of a traditional cloth nappy while being even more eco-friendly than regular cloth, as they are produced from a hemp/cotton blend which is soft and stretchy and only gets more supple and comfy with washing. Hemp is absorbent and kind to the planet, it is also naturally resistant to mold and mildew.

RAWr Nappies day time prefolds made from stretchy hemp terry and backed with soft hemp fleece:

Made from durable, environmentally friendly hemp in a 2x4x2 design making 8 layers of absorbency when folded.

These can be used with a basic angel wing fold and snappi to make a nappy, or they can be pad folded (into 3) and lay into a cover: Size 0 or 1 in RAWr's Mini 360 Cover, Sizes 2 and 3 in the 360 Cover or Toddler Pull Up Cover


Available in four sizes:

Zero: 0 – 3 months (Up to 5.5kg)
One: 2 – 12 months (4.5 to 9kg)
Two: 6 months – 2.5 years (7.5 to 12kg)
Three: 2 – 6 years (11 to 24kg)

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