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Cloth Pad Wrapper, Cotton Lycra "Kaleidoscope"


Daisy & Bird Cloth Pad Wrapper

The perfect little match to go with your cloth pads is one of these gorgeous pad wrappers. Easy to find in your bag with the pretty prints. Pad wrappers are discrete little flip top wet bags to take out with you, they will fit into your handbag easily.  You can take a clean pad in the wrapper, and then swap if for the soiled one when you need to change your pad when you are away from home.

These are lined with waterproof PUL.


Who is Daisy & Bird?

Daisy and Bird is run by Lyndsey: Aussie work at home mum and wiz behind the sewing machine! You can tell that she has a passion for what she does when you get one of her products in your hands. The attention to detail and level of comfort when wearing one of Lyndseys creations is second to none! If you already use cloth sanitary pads and are just looking for a couple more to add to your collection then you will love these. Or if you stumbled here out of curiosity and need a reason to try choose cloth pads… here are a few:


    1. Because disposable pads are crunchy and uncomfortable!

    1. To bring some brightness and colour to the time of the month that can bring us the blues

    1. If have you ever thought about the amount of plastic and chemical that we use every month for something that is completely normal and natural

    1. To save yourself $100’s or even $1000’s over the lifetime that you need a sanitary product?

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