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Nighttime Bamboo Breast Pads- (Set of 3)


Reusable Bamboo Breast Pads made for milky mummas!

You get 3 pairs of breast pads in this pack (plus a bonus mesh laundry bag)

Soaks up milk from leaky boobs during and in-between night feeds.

    • Thirsty! Made from four layers of thick bamboo (12cm diameter). No PUL in these for breathability at night 

    • Natural, unbleached bamboo with natural anti-bacterial properties

    • Eco-friendly; bamboo requires less land and water to grow than other popular fibres

    • Soft on skin! Fibres even soften over time with use

    • Gentle. Bamboo fibre won’t stick to your skin or cause irritation

    • Bonus white mesh laundry bag with drawstring for easy laundering. Great for washing machines that like to eat up small objects!

*Please note that with this product and all bamboo products that shrinkage (about 10%) will occur after the first wash (maximum water temp 40 Degrees Celsius).

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