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All-in-Two Cloth Nappy Trial Pack

Earth Babes All-in-Two Cloth Nappy Trial pack

Are you new to cloth nappies or just want to try a few different brands to see what you like? Get one each of 5 very different types of AI2 (all in two) nappies to see what works best for your family

While getting recommendations from other cloth mums and dads definitely helps, getting your hands on some nappies and just giving it a go is the best way to start! Grab a trial pack, try them on your baby (or a teddy bear) and really get to know what you love.


Nappies Included:

  • Alcmena V1.5 - Bamboo and hemp inserts, pocket style, double gusset, AWJ (athletic wicking jersey) lining. (3kg-16kg)
  • Junior Tribe Co. Flex Nappy - Bamboo and hemp inserts, pocket style or lay-in, AWJ lining. (4kg-16kg+)
  • Baby Bare Cub AI2 - Bamboo inserts, pocket and lay in with stay dry layer, suede cloth lining (3.5kg-16kg)
  • PeekaBoo AI2 - Bamboo inserts, lay-in style, wipeable inner shell with no lining, double gusset, velcro close (4kg-18kg)
  • Bubblebubs Candie AI2 - Bamboo inserts, lay-in style, suede cloth lining, side snapping (so no rise snaps like the other 4 styles)



*Please specify: girl, boy or gender neutral prints in the comments at checkout. These are preferences only and nappies are given to try out a brand before you go online at the next release to get the prints you love!!


**One trial pack per family



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