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Alcmena V1.5 Nappy Inserts


Alcmena V1.5 Nappy Inserts 


Grab one of these super thirsty 5-layer hemp / bamboo insert sets for that extra absorbency!

They can be used as either a booster to any of your modern cloth nappies OR used interchangeably to allow you to get away an extra nappy change in with a quick-drying shell! 

Why we love HEMP: 

  • Ridiculously absorbent (holds 2.5x more than microfibre); 
  • Durable and will stand up to constant use; 
  • Naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial; and 
  • A water-efficient and fast-growing crop. 

Why we love BAMBOO: 

  • Highly absorbent (holds 4x more than cotton but dries quicker than hemp); 
  • Super soft and perfect for placing just under the bum;
  • Naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial; and
  • Fastest growing plant in the world and generates up to 30% more oxygen than other crops.

These inserts will pair perfectly with our v1.5 nappies. 

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