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Daisy and Bird

11 Inch Moderate, Organic Bamboo Velour Cloth Pad (Front Flow)


Daisy & Bird 11 Inch Moderate, Organic Bamboo Velour Cloth Sanitary Pad

Daisy & Bird's pads are made with organic hemp as the absorbent layers, and the bamboo velour pads are topped with organic bamboo velour (obv). It has the added benefit of being extra absorbent, great for catching heavy or gushy flow, it is very soft and comfortable, giving women the choice to spoil themselves and care for the environment at the same time. These pads are hand dyed using Procion MX fabric dyes.

They are worn with the pretty side up so you can see it, and the plain side against your underwear. They snap closed around the gusset of your underwear with snaps to hold them in place. Daisy & Bird uses KAM snaps, which have been applied by an industrial snap press - the snaps are very strong, and care should be taken when undoing them to ensure you do not damage the fabric.​


Features (moderate):

  • 11 inches in length, suitable for moderate flow during your menstrual cycle or light bladder leakage when a moderate absorbency pad is what you need.
  • Topper fabric is organic bamboo velour
  • Absorbency - 500gsm hemp fleece
  • Back fabric - hidden PUL under micro fleece
  • Snapped width - 6cm (2.5 inches)

    *Image is an example of the bamboo velour pads available, because they are hand dyed, each one is different. The pad that you receive will have the same colours as those pictured, but it may be slightly different. 


    How many pads do you need?

    Cloth pads generally last at least as long (often longer) than the equivalent disposable pad before they need to be changed, however, during the day they should be changed every 3 - 4 hours, depending on the heaviness of your cycle.  Some people choose to change the pad each time they go to the toilet - either is fine, it's personal preference. It is perfectly fine to wear a pad to bed overnight without needing to change it. 


    Absorbency is marked on the left wing with stars:

    * Light/Liner - 250gsm hemp fleece

    ** Moderate - 500gsm hemp fleece

    *** Heavy - 1000gsm hemp fleece

    **** Super Heavy/Post Partum - 1250gsm hemp fleece.

     (All Daisy & Bird's pads also have a hidden layer of flannelette, and a hidden layer of PUL for waterproofing.  They are backed with black cotton/Lycra knit fabric.)


    Daisy & Bird Cloth Pad Care Instructions.

     Pads should be washed prior to first use.

    ​Pads can be kept in waterproof bags such as pad wrappers while away from home.
    • Dry store the pads in an open container that allows air flow until you are ready to wash them.
    • Prior to washing, put the pads on a rinse cycle in your washing machine, then soak the soiled pads for a few hours (or overnight) in an oxy solution such as Vanish or Napi-San. For any really stubborn stains, a paste of Vanish and water, or a stain stick often get the job done.
    • Wash them in your washing machine on a cold or warm cycle (max 60 degrees celsius). NOT hot... It's fine to wash them with other washing if you are happy to do that.  They can also be hand washed if you choose.
    • DON'TS:  DON'T use hot water (over 60 degrees celsius), it can set stains - blood contains proteins which react to heat.  DON'T use fabric softener - it will, over time, reduce the absorbency of your pads

    Pads are best line-dried, however they may be tumble dried on a low heat setting, although this may reduce the overall life of the pad because of the extra wear and tear from the dryer.


    Who is Daisy & Bird?

    Daisy and Bird is run by Lyndsey: Aussie work at home mum and wiz behind the sewing machine! You can tell that she has a passion for what she does when you get one of her products in your hands. The attention to detail and level of comfort when wearing one of Lyndseys creations is second to none! If you already use cloth sanitary pads and are just looking for a couple more to add to your collection then you will love these. Or if you stumbled here out of curiosity and need a reason to try choose cloth pads... here are a few:


      1. Because disposable pads are crunchy and uncomfortable!

      1. To bring some brightness and colour to the time of the month that can bring us the blues

      1. If have you ever thought about the amount of plastic and chemical that we use every month for something that is completely normal and natural

      1. To save yourself $100's or even $1000's over the lifetime that you need a sanitary product?

     "Because every woman deserves luxury that doesn't cost the Earth"

    - Daisy & Bird


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