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Baby Beehinds Wool Cover Care Instructions

Caring For Wool Covers

Our Wool Covers will be your saving grace for dry nights and they do need a different type of care opposed to the nappy styles but once lanolised, they only need to be washed every few weeks once they get stinky so they really are like magic in so many ways. Wool can absorb up to 4 times its own weight and the lanolin essentially repeals the urine back into the night nappy keeping bedding & clothes dry with a beautifully soft and all natural solution for night times. These covers can be used over fitted nappies, prefolds, flats or night nappies & can also be used during the day if you like.


You Will Need

  • Wool Wash Detergent (must not contain enzymes)
  • 100% Medical Grade Lanolin (b clean co Lanolin Magic Balm or 100% Lanolin such as Lasinoh)
  • Small Jar with a lid OR a Small Jug (to melt your lanolin)
  • Baby Shampoo or Body Wash
  • Laundry Sink or Bucket
  • Wool Covers

Washing Wool Covers

Fill your laundry tub with luke warm water, and add the recommended amount of Wool Wash Detergent.

Turn your wool cover inside out, then submerge it the tub. Gently squeeze the nappy cover/s to work the detergent through the fabric. Leave to soak for 15-30 minutes. Remove from the water and gently squeeze out the fabric. Rinse out the tub & you are now ready to lanolise.

DO NOT use HOT Water (Wool will shrink)



  1. Fill your tub with enough cool/room temp water to cover the nappy cover/s.
  2. In a small jar or jug, add enough hot water (approx 2 cups), add your lanolin (1/2 teaspoon per wool cover) & a small squirt of baby shampoo/body wash which helps emulsify the lanolin.
  3. Mix the lanolin until the lanolin fully dissolves. The mixtures should be cloudy with no lumps of lanolin visible.
  4. Once the lanolin is dissolved, add the mixture to the cool water in your tub and add your nappy covers inside out. MAKE SURE THE WATER is COOL/LUKE WARM
  5. Gently squeeze the covers to work the lanolin through the fabric & let sit for 60 minutes or overnight.
  6. Remove cover from the water & gently squeeze out the covers to remove the excess liquid.
  7. Turn your covers the right way, then lay your covers flat on a clean, dry towel & gently roll up the towel and squeeze to remove the excess water.
  8. Dry Flat in the shade & good to go!

Wool Nappy Covers should feel slightly tacky when lanolised properly but this will disappear with use. If you find there is lumps of lanolin, this is ok as it will disperse into the wool further when on the bum. You are aiming for a nice even coverage of lanolin across the whole nappy cover.

When Should You Re-Lanolise

The magic of wool it is self neutralises, so you only need to re wash/lanolise your covers once they get smelly. The more covers you have in rotation, the longer between washes. Simply air dry each day & reuse each night.

1-2 Wool Covers, should last 1-3 weeks before needing to re-lanolise.

3-5 Wool Covers can stretch up to 4-6 weeks before needing to relanolise.


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